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icone formas

Capitalist Nomad: geographic freedom and the management of companies, customers and teams remotely    

icone formas

In June 2020, at the height of the Covid19 pandemic, futurist Daniela Klaiman decided to explore two concepts that she had been flirting with for some time: nomadism and 100% remote work.

At that moment, he gave up his home in Brazil, returned the offices of his company and start-ups and decided to go out into the world with the proposal of living fluidly: spending 1 month in each country, living and working normally while managing different teams from a distance, it creates new formats for online interaction and connection with its customers and experiences an immersion in new cultures, in addition to delving into the trends of these new countries.

Remote work is here to stay, and 97% of employees say they want their work to be at least partially remote. This lecture explores this new relationship in depth and brings Daniela's learnings in relation to this topic.

How does this model impact the job market? What about people's lives? What are the most efficient ways to work, recruit and manage teams remotely? And what are the benefits for companies, entrepreneurs, employees and for the common innovation of all this geographic freedom?

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